Cleanliness drive launched in Kalash Valley

PESHAWAR: The Tourism Corporation Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (TCKP) along with the local people and students launched a cleanliness drive in Kalash valley in Chitral district as part of the initiative to restore the natural beauty of scenic sites after the Chilimjusht festival.

The cleanliness campaign was launched by the volunteers of TCKP, local people and students who removed garbage and junk packs from the three valleys, including Bamburet, Birir and Rambur, where the Chilimjusht or Joshi festival was held recently, said a press release.

An unprecedented number of local and foreign tourists had attended the festival. The tourists had left plastic bottles, packs of snacks and other trash, which had littered the scenic spots. The sites were giving a bad look, therefore, the authorities decided to remove the wastes.

The campaign was also aimed at creating awareness among the tourists and visitors to take care of cleanliness and avoid littering dirt in the scenic places. The students, both male and female, participated in the cleanliness drive.

The students and volunteers collected plastics, papers and other wastes from tourist places in bags and later disposed them of.

Pamphlets and brushers containing information about keeping the scenic spots neat and clean to avoid littering them with trash and dirt were distributed among the students.

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